During periods of extremely low temperatures during the winter months, Sunriver Water LLC often responds to service calls to turn off water meters because of frozen and broken household water pipes. Here are some suggestions that will help homeowners eliminate the unnecessary expenses and inconveniences associated with cold weather and freezing temperatures.

All homeowners should:

  1. Plug all foundation vents, crawl holes and openings.
  2. Locate your residential water line shut-off valve, not all homes have one (usually located close to the house or in the crawl space); mark valve so it can be located if covered by snow.
  3. Make sure all outside hose bib garden faucets are the frost-free type or that the water supply to faucets is turned off and hoses are disconnected.

If you are leaving for the winter or any extended period of time:

  1. Turn off your residential water line valve.
  2. Let Sunriver Water LLC know you have winterized your home and please leave a number where you can be reached in case of water emergencies.
  3. If you wish, Sunriver Water LLC will turn off your meter for a service fee.
  4. Turn off electricity to the hot water heater (the switch is usually located in the breaker panel).
  5. If possible, have someone check your home periodically.

If your home is on a rental program:

  1. Notify Sunriver Water LLC of the company or person responsible for property management.
  2. Make winterization suggestions and information available to anyone using your home.

If you have frozen pipes:

  1. Contact Sunriver Water LLC as soon as possible to have your meter turned off to eliminate possible flooding.
  2. DO NOT attempt to thaw frozen pipes with automobile exhaust or flame-type torches.
  3. DO NOT attempt to thaw frozen meter with hair dryers, as this quite often causes the meter lens to melt resulting in additional costs to the customer.

Contact Sunriver Water LLC at 541-593-4197 Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Or after hours at 541-419-6469.

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